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Vision-LD.Press and Vision LD.Layer is a new highly aesthetic all-ceramic system with a wide range of indications. 
With the new Vision LD.Press and LD.Layer system, we once again combine the highest aesthetics with the outstanding material properties of lithium disilicate pressable ceramic and fluorapatite veneering glass-ceramic.
Thanks to the perfectly coordinated components of pressed and layering ceramics, we achieve beauty, naturalness and biocompatibility, as well as excellent
Material properties with a efficient workload.
CTE value 9.5 μg / mk (25-500 ° C)


  • High-strength lithium disilicate glass ceramic 420 MPa
  • Large selection of pellets
  • Natural fluorescence ans various levels of translucency
  • Material Homogeneity
  • Excellent material bond
  • High aesthetics with simple layering
  • Low shrinkage
  • Color matched specifically to lithium disilicate and translucend zircon frame work

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