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The Vision-Classic is a high-fusing ceramic enables you to work efficiently and highly aesthetically.
The use of fluorescent and opalescent additional masses allows extremely individual demanding results.

Optimally tuned light dynamics and a variety of possibilities, from simple layering to masterful multi-layering.

Compatibility with all alloys in the CTE range from 13.8 to 15.2 μg / mk (25-500 ° C)

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The Vision-Zirkon is a highly aesthetic zirconium ceramic suitable for all conventional zirconium frame works.
The exact CTE setting results in an optimum connection between the zirconium frame work and the veneering ceramic with the best adhesion values.

With the Vision-Zirkon, press on zirconia system you save valuable time in assistance with the full anatomical modeling and achieve a higher-quality result in terms of material strength and homogeneity.

CTE value 9.5 μg / mk (25-500 ° C)

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Vision-LDL is a lithium disilicate layering ceramic and designed specifically for all lithium disilicate frameworks. It makes no difference if the frames are traditionally made by pressing or CAD/CAM.

Beauty, naturalness and biocompatibility are the special features of the Vision-LDL.

CTE value 9.5 μg / mk (25-500 ° C)

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