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Vision 3D Artistic “Paint on Ceramic”

The Vision – 3D Artistic Liquid Paint On Ceramic System

consists of a variety of coordinated components for the refinement and finalization of ceramic restorations. This finishing system is ideally matched to zirconium and lithium disilicate materials. Conventional metal-ceramics can also be finalized with this system.
With a small space requirement and monolithic crowns and bridges, natural effects such as translucency, chroma, halo, mamelons, enamel cracks, opalescence and fluorescence can be achieved quickly and efficiently.
The components of the Vision-3D Artistic System consist of fluorescent stains, sculpture masses and a special glaze mass.
The sculpture masses can be applied in a layer thickness of 0.1 – 0.4 mm over the individually painted surface. Due to their vital colour properties and their stability, three-dimensional colour effects from the depth and refractive surface structures can be achieved with little effort.